May is the month when we eagerly leave our homes for shorter or longer trips out of town. Of course, the most important, eagerly awaited moment for everyone is May Day. But it’s not just the first days of the month that are conducive to barbecues and outdoor activities.

The days are getting warmer and longer, so every free moment is a great opportunity to get together with family or friends, celebrate small and big events or even a simple Sunday. A forest clearing, a meadow, even the bank of a river or lake, or perhaps the grass in a park or an evening at the beach – all these places are perfect for a picnic.

Is it time for a picnic? ?

A picnic whether in or out of town is a moment of relaxation and a break from the daily routine. To make this time comfortable and pleasant, it is worth getting a sturdy picnic blanket. And here comes to the rescue ? . We offer two great items:

Innovative 2-in-1 BBFlip blanket

Haven’t seen the BBFlip yet? Nothing lost! This picnic blanket includes:

  • a functional and practical 2-in-1 blanket,
  • easy to fold and pack in a functional bag,
  • an excellent promotional gadget,
  • personalized graphics on the surface of the blanket and bag,
  • available in 4 sizes (145×125, 145×160, 145×180, 145×200 cm),
  • available in two variants: unlined and with waterproof lining,
  • fast lead times,
  • extra prices.

Standard picnic blanket

This model has a waterproof lining, providing thermal insulation, is available in 4 sizes (145 x 125 cm , 145 x 160 cm, 145 x 180 cm, 145 x 200 cm). It is folded into a handy cube with a carrying handle.

Personalization is a queen in the season

Both products can be personalized with individual graphics applied by sublimation printing. These are great, practical gadgets for employees or customers, so much in demand thanks to the ability to apply an individual graphic design.
Want to stand out among your customers and offer an innovative practical product for the picnic season? Order patterns, use our design or send yours as soon as possible. It’s picnic time!

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