June is approaching fast. And with it the holiday for children and young people – International Children’s Day. This month of the year is also a lot of outdoor events for the younger ones and the end of the school year, the end of which is worth sealing with a symbolic gift for a year of hard work.

15 gift ideas

TheOneGroup.pl presents proposals for personalized textiles for children and teenagers, which, thanks to the sublimation printing method, can be decorated with any of the most sophisticated graphics:

1. Multifunctional scarf

You can personalize this textile gadget on the entire surface. The multifunctional scarf can be used in many ways, and the possibilities for personalizing graphics are endless.
As a manufacturer of multifunctional scarfs, TheOneGroup offers standard LOOP CLASSIC scarf, heavier weight LOOP TOP scarf, as well as multifunctional scarf made of rPET fabric. Send your design to biuro@theonegroup.pl, only 7 days and you’re done!

2. Baseball cap

A perfect idea for a summer gadget is a baseball cap with a personalized print. You can give the cap to children from one class or sports team. It will certainly be used on sunny days.

3. Bucket

For those looking for other headwear suggestions, TheOneGroup.pl suggests a bucket in youth style! Available in 4 colors, you can personalize it with any imprint.

4. Pencil case

A proven gift for the end of the school year is a pencil case. Thanks to production using sublimation printing, you can get any graphics on it.

5. Belt pocket

Trips, camps, summer camps are moments when it is useful to have all documents, money or phone in one place and at hand. For this, the ideal solution is a belt pouch. The possibilities for its personalization are endless.

6. Drawstring backpack

TheOneGroup bags are made of high-quality material. Available in 3 basic models, they can be individualized by adding an extra pocket, for example. It’s a great option for packing things for training or extra activities.

7. Lunch bag

Breakfast for school or a snack for a trip doesn’t have to be packed in a plastic box. Made of neoprene, a personalized lunchbag will give a unique style to your meal.

8. Hoodie

Almost every teenager has one in their closet. A hoodie is one of the favorite youth items that you can dress everyone in for everyday wear or a sports team, for example. TheOneGroup offers SOL’S brand cotton sweatshirts with or without zippers with any print, as well as sweatshirts with fully personalized graphics all over. Ask us for details!

9. T-shirt

A wide range of SOL’S personalized t-shirts and marking service at TheOneGroup.pl is a super opportunity to create interesting t-shirts for kids and teenagers! But that’s not all! In addition to cotton and polyester shirts, especially ideal for athletes, we offer an interesting gadget in the form of fully sublimated t-shirts. The freedom of graphics makes the t-shirts a great gift for the end of courses, extra classes and full of active leisure vacations.

10. QUIKFLIP Sweatshirt

For the active and not only! QUIKFLIP is a 2-in-1 sweatshirt-bag, which gives you the opportunity to personalize the printing on the bag and marking on cotton sweatshirts. In addition, the sweatshirt in the polyester version can be fully personalized. QUIKFLIP is great for hiking, biking trips or hiking in the mountains. When it gets warm you simply turn it into a comfortable baggy backpack ?.

11. QUIKFLIP Windbreaker

The QUIKFLIP windbreaker is a sister alternative to the QUIKFLIP sweatshirt. Made of polyester, it protects against gusts of wind. Thanks to production using the sublimation printing method, it can be fully personalized.

12. Pillow

If you are looking for a practical souvenir to accompany your child in his free time, think about a room pillow! Again, with this proposal, thanks to the possibility of customized graphics to suit your preferences, you can create a unique atmosphere and bring back unforgettable memories.

13. Travel pillow

Summer season is the time of travel. To ensure comfort while trip in a car, bus or plane, it is worth equipping children with a travel pillow. Comfortable, practical, soft „croissant” with modern, colorful graphics is an economical option for young travelers!

14. BBFlip

Beach blanket 2-in-1 is the innovation of the 2023 season! A trip to the beach or a picnic with friends will certainly be made more attractive by the agile blanket, which can be packed in a bag-backpack drawstring. BBFlip is a blanket with a waterproof lining, although a version without it is also available. With 4 sizes (145×125 cm, 145 x 160 cm, 145 x 180 cm and 145×180 cm) and free graphics on the blanket surface and on the bag, the BBFlip can be customized.

15. Laptop cover

Available in 4 sizes, the laptop case (10″, 12-13″, 14″ and 15-16″) is a cover made of soft foam material. There are many possibilities for personalization – the outer side, inner side, zipper and full freedom of graphics thanks to sublimation.

For more information, please contact us at biuro@theonegroup.pl .