Today is the International Day for the Prevention of Environmental Exploitation!

Social responsibility and minimising environmental impact are extremely important factors. An increasing number of consumers and customers are taking them into account in their purchasing decisions. TheOneGroup offers many products made from organic cotton and r-PET, a recycled polyester.

Organic cotton is ECO

Why is organic cotton so important for the environment? Its cultivation takes place without the use of chemicals or artificial fertilisers. In addition, it is associated with a reduction in CO2 emissions by 45% and water consumption by up to 87%. offers SOL’S branded promotional clothing, including sweatshirts with a composition of 80% organic cotton and 20% rPET polyester. Particularly noteworthy are items such as SOL’S Stellar, SOL’S Space and SOL’S Comet.

Opt for rPET!

The r-PET material, on the other hand, is created from the reprocessing of plastic drinks bottles. This not only reduces waste, but can also mean a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the production of traditional polyester. We use recycled rPET polyester in the production of our flagship multifunctional slings. If you are interested in this item ask our representatives about the LOOP rPET sling.

We have certificates that prove that we produce advertising articles in accordance with their requirements and standards. These concern, among other things, water consumption, energy consumption and the use of environmentally friendly inks for sublimation printing. We are referring to certificates such as ecovadis or amfori.