(1) The organizer of the promotional action (hereinafter: Action) is The One Group sp. z o.o., 6 Majowa Street, 05-092 Łomianki, NIP: 7393879374, Regon: 36829838.

(2) The action lasts from September 1 to December 20, 2022. (The Organizer reserves the right to extend the term of the Action ).

(3) Participants of the promotional campaign shall purchase SOL’S brand products from The One Group Ltd. between September 1 and December 20, 2022 to meet their purchase targets.

(4) Participants shall receive the indicated prizes for making sales or leading to sales.

(5) The promotional action has the character of a bonus sale and is not a promotional lottery within the meaning of Art. 2 para. 1 item. 9 of the Act on Games and Mutual Betting of July 29, 1992 (Journal of Laws 04.4.27 as amended).


(1) An advertising agency or employees of advertising agencies who realize a valuable purchase target may become a participant in the Action:

(a) For the purchase of SOL’S brand products for a minimum net amount of PLN 300,000 in the period from September 1 to December 20, 2022, the agency or agency employee who realizes the purchase minimum will receive a 2-person weekend trip to Paris in the first quarter of 2023.

b) For the purchase of SOL’S brand products for a minimum net amount of PLN 150,000 between September 1 and December 20, 2022, the agency or agency employee who realizes the purchase minimum will receive Don Perignon champagne.

(c) For the purchase of SOL’S products for a minimum net amount of PLN 85,000 between September 1 and December 20, 2022, the agency or agency employee who realizes the purchase minimum will receive a set of 6 French wines.

Transportation costs are not included in the value of the purchase minimum.

(2) To participate in the Action, the following conditions must be met together:

 (a) reading the regulations of the Action and accepting them,

b) meeting the conditions specified in §2 p.1 a, b or c.

c) registering for the Action by providing the participant with identification and contact information, in particular e-mail address for contact with the Organizer.

Employees of the Organizer may not participate in the Action. Also, members of the immediate families of persons referred to in the first sentence (i.e. their spouses, children, parents and siblings) may not participate in the Action.



(1) The subject of the Action is the realization of a valuable shopping target indicated in §2 p.1 a, b or c.

(2) Prizes will be awarded to the agency or employees designated by its owners, who have realized a purchase target entitling them to receive a given prize.

(3) The prize for participation in the Action will be awarded provided that, in connection with participation in the Action, the agencies or their representatives::

a) make timely payment of purchase invoices to The One Group confirming the purchase of SOL’S brand products between September 1 and December 20, 2022.

b) fail to return SOL’S brand products purchased between September 1 and December 20, 2022.

c) settle all payments to The One Group for the purchase of SOL’S brand products by December 31, 2022.

(4) Any doubts about the rules of the Action, the provisions of its Regulations and interpretation shall be resolved by the Organizer within 30 days from the date of receipt of the inquiry, complaint or claim. Lack of response is equivalent to rejection of the complaint or claim. The decision of the Organizer is final.

(5) The winner of the prize will be notified of the prize by e-mail within 14 (fourteen) days after the end of the Action, to the e-mail address indicated by him/her during registration in the Action.

(6) In order to confirm the will to accept the prize, the person notified by the Organizer should respond by e-mail to the address indicated by the Organizer within 3 (three) days from the date of sending the notification, under pain of losing the right to the prize.

(7) A representative of The One Group company will be responsible for delivering the prizes to the winners.


(1) In order to participate in the Action, the Participant is required to provide his/her personal data, i.e.: name, surname, e-mail address, contact phone number (in order to arrange the date and place of prize delivery).

(2) Only those agencies and their representatives who provide their data indicated in item. 1 by December 20, 2022.

(3) The data provided will be processed only for the purpose of carrying out this Action and in connection with the issuance of prizes, i.e. for the performance of the agreement with the participant in the Action – on the basis of Article 6(1)(b) of the RODO.

(4) The administrator of the personal data of the participant in the Action within the meaning of the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons in relation to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) hereinafter „RODO”, The One Group, 6 Majowa Street, 05-092 Łomianki.

(5) Personal data will be kept for the entire duration of the Action and until the end of the period of limitation of claims.

(6) The participant in the Action has the right to inspect his/her data, correct them, object to specific data processing, as well as to request the deletion of data concerning him/her and to file a complaint with the supervisory authority (Office for Personal Data Protection). Submitting a request for deletion of data is tantamount to resignation from participation in the Action. In such a case, the Participant’s personal data will be kept by the Organizer only to the extent necessary to protect against possible claims of the Participant until the expiration of the statute of limitations for claims, which is the legitimate interest of the Administrator within the meaning of Article 6(1)(f) of the RODO.

(7) The personal data of the Participant in the Action will not be shared with third parties.

(8) contact with the Administrator is possible at the Administrator’s address: biuro@sandex.pl


(1) In accordance with the provisions of Article 30, paragraph 1, item 2 of the Act of July 36, 1991 on Personal Income Tax (UPDF), the prize winner is obliged to pay a lump-sum tax in the amount of 10% of the prize value. In the case of prizes related to bonus sales, the one-time value of the Prize not exceeding the amount of PLN 760 is tax-free (Article 21(1)(68) of the UPDF).

(2) If the tax-free amount is exceeded, the Organizer will grant the Participant an additional cash prize in the amount of 11.11% of the total value of the Prize to cover the personal income tax liability. The additional prize is not subject to payment. At the same time, the Participant authorizes the Organizer to deduct the applicable tax from the additional cash prize.
(3) In case the prize is due directly to the Agency, it constitutes the Agency’s income and is accounted for directly by the Agency.


(1) The Organizer is entitled to change the provisions of these Regulations, as long as it does not worsen the conditions of participation in the Action. This applies, in particular, to changes in the dates of individual activities under the Action and changes in the prize specifications. The amended Regulations are valid from the time of their publication.

(2) Prizes are not exchangeable for cash equivalent. Unclaimed prizes are forfeited.
(3) Providing an e-mail address for communication within the framework of the Action is equivalent to the Participant’s entry into the Action.

(4) In the event of changes to these Regulations, the Organizer will notify the Participant of the scope of the changes within 7 days before they take effect in the form of an e-mail message.
(5) These Regulations shall come into force on September 1, 2022.